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In addition to our main Club website, there are also a number of separate sites produced by our various Regions, DAs and Special Interest Sections. These sites give more details about the hundreds of events, fondly called Meets, that members organise each weekend. To visit one of these sites, simply click on the address.
Special Interest Sections

Sections are voluntary clubs within the Club, and organise extra Meets, social events and activities for their members based around a particular hobby, interest or unit type. The Club currently has nine Special Interest Sections, with annual fees between £5.00 and £7.00 all offer great value: Association of Lightweight Campers Boating Group British Caravanners’ Club Canoe-Camping Club Folk Dance and Song Group Motor Caravan Section Walking and Cycling Section Photographic Group Trailer Tent and Folding Camper Group Each Section has its own regular magazine or newsletter with information about forthcoming Meets, Temporary Holiday Sites and events, member letters and useful articles.

District Associations

A District Association (DA) is made up of members who operate on a voluntary basis to form a group; this group organises temporary camping events for up to 5 days (a Meet) or up to 28 days (a Temporary Holiday Site) usually with entertainment and activities planned. These events can be held anywhere in the UK, and members are welcome to attend any Meet, whether it’s organised by your own DA or a different DA elsewhere in the country. Upon joining the Club you are automatically assigned to your local DA based on your home postcode, however, you can change this to whichever DA you wish to be registered with. Simply contact the Secretary of the District Association you would like to move to, and they will send you an Opting Form to complete.

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