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Site Rules

The club do not have many rules but those that we do have are in place to ensure that we can all enjoy ourselves in the countryside and on site with the minimum of restriction and the maximum of safety.
ERBCC weekend meets normally start at 12pm on Friday and finish at 12pm on Sunday, unless otherwise stated on this website and/or in the Out & About. Longer meets and THS’s start and finish at 12pm. Arrivals before these times may be turned away.
All visitors must report to the site steward immediately on arrival at the site.

Please remember the 20 foot (6 metre) rule. This is the minimum separating distance between units. There is normally space enough at our weekend meets for campers to spread themselves a little more generously but common sense should always be applied and please abide by the stewards instructions if shortage of space is, or is expected to be an issue.

No units may be left unoccupied overnight.

Generators may be used on site between the hours of 10am – 2pm. Please be considerate of your fellow campers, they should be used with care and not left running unattended. If they are needed for medical grounds, this can be arranged with the Steward. Other DA’s may have different rules regarding operating times.

All vehicles – including cycles – should keep their speed down to 5mph or lower. No vehicles to be driven on the site between 11pm and 7am (except in the case of an emergency) and no learner drivers allowed to drive onsite.

All units must have a filled fire bucket outside their unit.

If you have pets they must be kept on a lead and cleaned up after. Please ensure that they do not cause annoyance in any way to other campers.

When you wash out or fill your toilet, you should never do it directly from a drinking water tap. The toilet should always be taken to the signed “elsan” disposal point and drained off there. Please take a container of water with you to rinse out your toilet. Sometimes there may be a tap near to the elsan point but again this should not be used directly unless clearly marked for use specifically at the elsan point. You may fill your clean water container just the once at the nearest tap and use that to rinse. If you have touched your toilet with the container that you are using and the nearest tap is for drinking water, then please do not use your container again at that tap until you have cleaned it.

Waste water should normally be emptied in the hedge bottom unless advised otherwise by the site steward, please do not allow it to drain on to the grass.

Children and adults should only play games if they are well away from the tents and caravans. This applies especially to ball games, throwing of Frisbees and flying of kites. Even then you should use your common sense to ensure that you have no potential to become a problem to your fellow campers.

Please respect our no noise 7-11 rule. We request that there should be no noise before 7am nor after 11pm. Please feel free to chat in your own units after this time as long as any noise does not disturb your neighbours.

The complete Caravanning and Camping Club Code Of Conduct for Campers and Caravanners can be found in the Club Handbook and your Big Sites Book.
The steward in charge has the right to request persons causing disturbances or problems to leave the site with immediate effect. Abusive and foul language will not be tolerated.
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